Saint Florian Feast Day - Saint Florian Day

St. Florian Day May 4th

Saint Florian Day - May 4th

St. Florian's Feast Day is celebrated on May 4 every year. St. Florian, the patron saint of firefighters and chimney sweeps, is also the celebrated patron of Linz, Austria and Poland. His protection is also invoked against flooding and drowning.

He became associated with all these things when, as a young Roman army commander, he refused to persecute Christians when ordered to do so. When asked why, he professed his own Christian faith. The Roman leaders, not amused, punished him by flaying him, burning him alive, and then throwing him into the Enns river with a millstone tied around his neck to drown.

Saint Florian is said to have saved the town of Nurnberg, Germany from a fire that happened in the 8th century. Whether beer or water was used to douse the flames is not clear, but the saint was credited with saving the town. He is widely honored in Central Europe, especially around current-day Austria (where he died) and Poland.

Feast Days began as a celebration of the day a martyr was "born into heaven", or martyred. The number of feast days in the year has risen and fallen based on who could declare a feast day or ecclesiastical legislation. In the current calendar, each day is a feast day for several saints, although some feast days are granted more importance than others.

A patron saint may protect the members of a profession or occupation-for instance, St. Florian protects firefighters. Others may feel a special affinity with a patron saint because their birthday falls on that saint's Feast Day, or they have experienced intercession in their lives from that saint.

On a Feast Day, prayers are offered up to the saint, often for protection or intercession. Often a meal is shared, and Mass is said. Feast days may be celebrated locally for someone who has been beatified, or more universally, for someone who has been declared a saint. The church's liturgical calendar lists all the feast days celebrated.

Many people purchase pendants or charms with the likeness of their patron saint and usually an inscription. Sometimes a prayer will be inscribed on the reverse side, and these medals are often worn by those seeking intercession, especially on the saint's Feast Day.

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