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Saint Florian Charms are a favorite addition to charm bracelets for the faithful. St. Florian, the Roman-era martyr, was killed when he professed his faith in a time when the Roman emperors were attempting to eradicate the Christians from the land. Rather than being burned alive as was the custom, St. Florian declared his intention to rise to heaven on the flames, and so his persecutors flayed him, then tied a millstone around his neck and threwhim into the river Enns, where he drowned.

While a commander in the Roman army, he was in charge of the firefighting brigades, and he is closely associated with firefighters to this day. He is credited with saving the entire town or Nurnberg, Germany in the 8th century when someone invoked his protection. Many St. Florian charms bear his resemblance, and often show him holding a bucket of water, or pouring it on a flaming house.

Gold St. Florian charms are a favorite of both men and women, as they go with anything. Many firefighters wear one on a chain around their neck as additional protection for their dangerous job. St. Florian is also the patron saint of Linz, Austria (where his relics are kept) and Poland. People of Polish or Austrian descent sometimes decide to have the inscription on their charms in their original language.

Whether silver, gold, or some other medal, St. Florian charms are always precious. When you buy one you invoke the assistance of a powerful saint. When given as a gift, these charms are a sought-after addition to any wardrobe because they assure the recipient that you're sending up prayers for their safety and well-being. A gift of a Saint Florian charm is one of the best gifts you can select!

St Florian Charm St Florian Charms Gold St Florian Charm Saint Florian Charm

St Florian Charm

St Florian Charms

Gold St Florian Charm

Saint Florian Charm

Gold Saint Florian Charm Saint Florian Charms    

Gold Saint Florian Charm

Saint Florian Charms


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