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Who is St Padre Pio
Brief Biography of Father Padre Pio

History of The Patron Saint Medals
Overview of the history of patron saint medals

Patron Saint Medals Devotions
Patron Saint Medals are a great outward sign of devotion

Military Medals Show Faith and Patriotism
One of the many freedoms protected by our military is the freedom of religion Not only are they protecting it for the citizens of the land they love they are protecting it for themselves as well Not everyone is of the same faith and some do not believe in a higher being at all none the less the freedom to believe or not believe in a higher being is a freedom that through the years and still today is being fought for

Childrens Crosses Make for Great Gift
Childrens crosses make a great lasting gift With that said lets look at why and for what occasions a childs cross or crucifix might be a great gift idea Crosses for children come in all shapes and sizes making it a perfect idea

Four Way Medals
A four way medal combines several different catholic medals into one medal This type medal is knows as a cruciform shapes or themes presented in the form of a cross There are many types of Four way Medals available and they dont all have the same components

Origin of the Miraculous Medal
The Miraculous Medal was handed from the Blessed Mother directly to St Catherine

Catholic Religuos Medals
Catholic religious medals have long been items that depict and recall important people and events within the catholic church

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