St. Florian Medal

Maryrdom of St. Florian

St. Florian medals are popular additions to chains and necklaces for both men and women. St. Florian, the patron saint of firefighters and chimney sweeps, as well as Linz, Austria and Poland, was a saint who lived during the time the Romans were trying to eradicate Christianity from the land. He was in charge of the Roman firefighting brigade, hence his association with fire and firefighters.

Many St. Florian medals have the words "St. Florian Protect Us" inscribed around the outside of the medal. The medals may be the traditional round shape, but many people prefer them in the shape of the Maltese Cross, used commonly by firefighters around the world, particularly in the United States.

On the Saint Florian Medal, he is often portrayed as standing above a burning house with a bucket of water in his right hand. This signifies his protection against fire and burning. On some medals St. Florian actually holds the house in his hand, an added sign of protection.

Some fire departments have even commissioned St. Florian Medals with the initials of the department and the badge number of the firefighter inscribed on the medal. These are very often in the shape of the Maltese Cross, with a circular center. On the right and left "arms" of the cross are often inscribed a ladder and a symbol for water, such as a fire hydrant.

For a friend or relative who has chosen firefighting as his or her vocation, a St. Florian medal is the perfect gift. What better way to show you care and to let them know that your prayers-and St. Florian's protection-are working for them.

St. Florian Medals

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St. Florian Medal

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Saint Florian Medal

St. Florian Medals

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St. Florian Medals

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