St. Folrian Monastery St. Florian Church

Saint Florian's influence has been felt for centuries, but nowhere as strongly as at the monasteries that bear his name. The primary one is located in upper Austria, near the town of Linz. The monastery has existed since roughly the 8th century A. D., when Charlemagne ruled the land. In 1071 it became an Augustinian monastery and has been in constant use since then, making it one of the oldest continuously-operating monasteries in the world.

Over the centuries the simple building has been expanded and used for greater purposes. It is now both a priory, housing monks, and a basilica, or a building set apart for the transaction of important business. The beautiful Gothic architecture of the buildings is situated on a hill over looking the village of Sankt Florian in Austria.

The monastery now houses the Historic Fire Department Museum, as well. Since St. Florian is the patron saint of firefighters and chimney sweeps, many locations associated with the saint are also associated with either fire of water.

Saint Florian's monastery is also world-renowned for its boys' choir. Begun in 1071, today it has grown into a choir that successfully competes in festival competitions, travels extensively, records CDs and even appears on television. The choir's primary purpose, though, is singing mass and providing music within the church and specifically the Monastery of St. Florian.

Many churches have sprung up around the world named for St. Florian, and of course the town guarded by the monastery is named after the saint. One of the most famous places associated with the saint is St. Florian's Church in Krakow, Poland. His relics are still buried here, miraculously saved from the city-wide fire of 1528 that consumed almost everything around the church.

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