St. Florian Necklace

St Florian

Many people enjoy wearing a St. Florian necklace as both a fashionable piece of jewelry, and a sign of their patron saint. St. Florian is the patron saint of firefighters and chimney sweeps, and many people in these professions wear St. Florian necklaces. It's a wonderful way to keep the patron saint close as a reminder of protection.

Many people include a medallion with their St. Florian necklace. St. Florian is depicted in various poses, and a favorite with firefighters is the saint pouring water on a burning house, and the words "St. Florian Protect Us" around the outside of the medallion. Often the medallion is in the shape of a maltese cross, the traditional symbol for firefighters.

Since the St. Florian necklace is often worn almost continuously, many people prefer to purchase one made of stainless steel, sterling silver, or gold. These metals hold up well to the strain of constant wear and exposure to water, soap, and sweat.

A St. Florian necklace is the perfect gift for someone of Polish or Austrian descent, as he is the patron saint of both Linz, Austria, and Poland. Necklaces can be found with inscriptions in Polish or German for those who would like something from the "old country" or who speak those languages.

A Saint Florian necklace is a wonderful gift or keepsake for a friend or family member, or even yourself!

St Florian Necklace St Florian Necklaces Saint Florian Necklace  

St Florian Necklace

St Florian Necklaces

Saint Florian Necklace

Saint Florian Necklaces      

Saint Florian Necklaces


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