St. Florian Pendant

Martyrdom of Saint Florian

A St. Florian Pendant brings the patron saint of fire, firefighters and chimney sweeps into your life and keeps him close to you. St. Florian, who became a saint during Roman times when he professed his faith and was martyred for it, is a powerful saint and the chosen one of firefighters. He was killed by being thrown into the river Enns with a millstone around his neck, and so he is also the patron saint offering protection against floods and drowning.

Saint Florian pendants come in a variety of metals, so you're sure to find one that suits your tastes and budget. Silver St. Florian pendants are good choices because sterling silver, in particular, holds up very well to daily wear. The pendants are often fashioned so they can be attached to either a chain around your neck or to a charm bracelet. A small St. Florian pendant can be a lovely addition to any jewelry box.

Men-firefighters in particular-also enjoy wearing a St. Florian pendant. The pendants can be hung on a chain and worn around the neck, either inside or outside of clothing. Many people associated with water, such as lifeguards or swim instructors, also consider St. Florian to be their patron saint, as he is closely associated with both fire and water.

St. Florian's strength was in his faith, and a St. Florian pendant can be a way for you to show the world the strength of your own faith. To know you're protected by him no matter where you are is a very comforting thought, and you can keep St. Florian near in your thoughts and prayers by taking his image along with you on a pendant.

St Florian Pendant

St Florian Pendants

Silver St Florian Pendant

Saint Florian Pendant


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